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Creating a Request

If your agency has an interconnection, or if the hiring manager has submitted a request, it will automatically display on your Requests page of the Dashboard. To access the request, click on the Request Number.

If you, as the HR User, will be creating the request, you will click the Create Request button from your dashboard's Requests tab.

The next several pages of this training will walk you though creating a request using the Create Request button. If the request was created through an interconnection, or by a Hiring Manager, the pages will be exactly the same. The only difference is that some information will be populated for you. Regardless of how the Request is initiated, all required fields must be completed before you can proceed with approving the request.

Note: Consult your agency Standard Operating Procedures to determine how requests are created and assigned for your office.

Create Request Request Number A screenshot of the USA Staffing user dashboard page. The Create Request button and a Request Number are highlighted demonstrating the two ways to access a request.