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Glossary: Terms and Definitions for USA Staffing

Assessment - A method for evaluating applicants. Generally means Assessment Questionnaire, but can also include other types of assessments.

Assessment Plan - All methods for evaluating applicants and how ties to Job Analysis (competencies measured).

Case Exam - A Case Exam is a recruitment process undertaken for a limited number of vacancies. The candidates are referred on one or more lists over a relatively short period of time - generally 90 days. A case exam may be preferred over a register because there is less applicant maintenance and the names for referral tend to remain fresher. However, there is often a greater lead time before names can be referred because the vacancy is only announced upon receipt of a request.

Certificate - The official referral of candidates for a position.

Competency - An observable, measurable pattern of skills, knowledge, abilities, behaviors, and other characteristics that an individual needs to perform work roles or occupational functions successfully.

Competency Model - All the competencies and tasks related to a job.

Customer - The office that will be receiving a certificate or stored list.

Hiring Manager - The person that will be making a hiring decision. The Hiring Manager is associated with a Customer.

Hiring Manager User (HM User) - A profile type for Hiring Managers. The type allows users limited access to parts of the system. Also, profiles with this User Type will show up as available Requestor in the Request area.

Job Analysis - Linkage of competencies and tasks required for successful performance of a position that is used to develop assessment plan.

Permissions - All users in USA Staffing have a permission profile assigned in their user record. A permission profile is a set of authorization levels that control what users can view or modify in the system. Only users with Organization or Office level permission can manage permission profiles.

Questionnaire or Occupational Questionnaire - A type of assessment in which the applicant is asked to respond to either multiple choice or narrative text questions.

Standing Register - An inventory of qualified candidates ready for immediate referral. A register is usually used when many vacancies are expected to be filled over a sustained period of time, and there is likelihood that candidates will remain available during the life of the inventory. Registers may be established in advance of actual requests to fill vacancies so that candidates can be quickly referred when the requests do come in. A standing register is one option as a vacancy type on the Position Information page. The other is Case Exam.

Supporting Documents A general term used to refer to any documents provided by an applicant in support of their application for a position. These can include resumes, transcripts, cover letters, SF-50's agency specific forms, etc.

Template - A reusable set of content for a Questionnaire type of Assessment Component, a Job Announcement, or a Default Scale. Templates are stored in the Template Libraries, and can be reused from one VIN to another.

Vacancy - As used in USA Staffing, this term refers to a Staffing Action record file for tracking all the processes associated with a job announcement for a given job title, series, and often, for a particular agency and set of locations.

Vacancy Number - The Vacancy Number is a system generated number. All actions you perform in the system are associated with a specific Vacancy Number.

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