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Overview of Request

Creating a request is the first step in the hiring process. Once a HR User approves the request, users can complete the Vacancy, Assessment, Announcement and Referral. Information on the Request pages identify the type of position you need to hire for and basic information about that position. This information will serve as the foundation for other areas of the system.

There are three ways a request can be created. Your agency procedures will determine which of these three options you will use:

  1. The Human Resources User (HR User) can create the request in USA Staffing.
  2. Agencies with a Request Processing Interconnection (RPI) can automatically populate the request. The request will be created in the agency personnel system and sent through the RPI to USA Staffing where it can be reviewed, edited and approved.
  3. The Hiring Manager User (HM User) can create the request in USA Staffing.

The image shows the staffing process with only the first box highlighted: Request. The specific steps in Request are: Create Request and Approve Request.

Regardless of how a request is created, a user with the appropriate HR access will need to review and approve a request in order to continue the staffing process. Requests represent a snapshot in time, so once a request is approved, it cannot be altered. However, you will have opportunities to edit some of the request information within other parts of the system. Any information you edit will not alter the original request.