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Staffing Approach

The Staffing Approach page is where you designate the office that will be working the vacancy and how the job will be advertised. When you first arrive on this page, there will be one line in the Vacancy to be Created table.

The Vacancy Type will default to Case Exam. Case Exam vacancies are the typical, one-time announcements. The other option, Standing Registers, are typically used for re-occurring vacancies over a substantial period of time with multiple locations. If your agency uses standing registers, they will most likely provide additional guidance for how to proceed.

The Office drop-down list will populate based on the Customer selected on the Request Information page. This is the staffing office that will be assigned to work this vacancy. Once the Request is approved, you will not be able to transfer this vacancy to another office. If you are unsure how to proceed with this option, please consult your office procedures or ask an Office Administrator.

Request Staffing Approach page as you arrive on the page.