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Approving a Request

Requests can only be approved by HR users with granted permissions. If your permission profile does not allow you to approve a request, the Approve Request button will not display on the Staffing Approach page. Consult with your agency procedures for additional information.

Once approved, you cannot make any changes to the request. Because of this, it is important to carefully review your entire request before approving it. Other parts of USA Staffing may allow you to edit or modify information populated from the request but the original request cannot be modified.

Once you are ready to complete the request and have saved any selections made on the Staffing Approach page, click Approve Request.

NOTE: The Delete Request button at the bottom of this page only works if a request has not been submitted or approved. If the request was created and submitted from a Hiring Manager or interconnection, you will not be able to delete the request.

Request Staffing Approach page with Public and Status boxes checked.